The Guy With the Magnetic Clothing Hanger

clothes hanger

The next night Jay didn’t want to go out either. But tonight was Tuesday. The night that Henry “made party” so I headed out to go meet up with him. I had barely stepped out of Jay’s door when a beautiful brunette guy with piercing blue eyes stopped me to show me a “magic trick.” He whipped out a big box and told me to put my coat on a hanger with no hook. It was supposed to float in the air but he couldn’t find the right kind of pole where it would stay up. Magic trick fail. I asked him what the purpose was because it seemed pointless and he told me that it would keep clothing spaced evenly and that it would look cool in a store. It could be a sort of gimmick to draw people in. That seemed valid.

mag 2

I asked them how Casiopia, the club that I was going to meet Henry at would be tonight. They said it was dead on Tuesdays and much better on the weekend. I told them that I was supposed to meet a friend there. The hanger guy suggested that I come with them instead, at least for a bit. They were going to a bar right next door and I was a bit early for the club so I agreed to join them.

The hanger guy and I conversed for a while. He had recently moved to another country but was back for some meetings in the area. He was staying with his parents.

He was “Disney Prince” hot. He had that Prince Eric hair flip and his oceanic eyes.

prince eric

 I also spoke to his friend but his accent was thick and had that drunken slur going on so he was difficult to understand. He was also pretty boring. But I asked him what he recommend that I do in the area and he suggested this spa where you could go swimming and hear music underwater. Maybe I would check that out.

Apparently I made it clear that I was more interested in the hanger guy and so the friend went home. We started making out in the bar and he asked me where I was staying. I told him that I was Couchsurfing and we couldn’t go back to my place but when I told him the location (about 1 building from the bar) he persisted on us going there. He said that we couldn’t go to his place because he was staying with his parents. I let him into the building and we went to the top floor and had sex in the stairwell. I didn’t want to take of my clothes in a public place so I ripped my tights in the crotch. Sexy. Then he left and I crawled into bed beside Jay.

crazy mac is back


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