That Guy From Brooklyn who Works Around the World


The next night Jay didn’t want to go out either. So I decided to take a walk.

“Sprechen du inglish?” A guy on the street said to me in a thick Brooklyn accent.

“Yeah, I’m from New York. Are you?” I asked.

“Oh shit, I thooought that you weh Guhmin,” the guy responded. We’re goin’ to Tresor. Wanna’ come?” He was with an Asian guy and two girls so I assumed that he wasn’t hitting on me. He was probably just excited to meet someone else from New York.

The two girls were German, and, as it turns out, were meeting up with two guys outside of the club.

We went inside. It was pretty underwhelming. It looked just like any club in New York. I’d heard that clubs in Berlin were supposed to be amazing.

We ordered a few drinks and I told the guy that I wasn’t into dancing so we talked for a while. He was traveling around because he got a job as a graphic designer that allowed him to work from anywhere in the world. He came to Berlin because his friend was living there (the Asian guy) so he figured that he’d know someone. He decided to rent his own place on Air bnb rather than stay with his friend because he didn’t want to impose. He said that the place was nice and he offered to show it to me. Then he began to make out with me. I didn’t find him particularly attractive and I was sober. Also, I don’t enjoy making out unless the purpose is to muffle awkward conversation or dirty talk. So I kept encouraging drinking although it wasn’t easy. The bar service was terrible and we had only had 1 drink when he suggested that we check out his place.

I agreed but told him that I wanted to be back at the couchsurfer’s place by the morning because I didn’t want my couchsurfing host to judge me.

There was some foreplay on the guy’s bed. He kept saying, “you know what you got back there?” in the thick Brooklyn accent. He was talking about my big ass. I’m used to that, especially because I’m completely flat chested so there’s not much else to talk about. But I really do have a disproportionately large butt. And it was hidden by a high waisted skirt so I guess that it was a nice surprise for him. Regardless, the way he said it made me want to puke. I told him that I hate dirty talk. He said that he liked it. At least he had a good body.

Our clothes were off and he was about to go inside of me. I pulled away and asked him if he had a condom. I love condoms because I’m terrified of STDs and have sex with a lot of random people. He didn’t. He asked if he could do anal and for some reason I agreed because I was stupid and didn’t realize that STDs were more easily transferred this way. He told me this after.

Anyway, I hate anal and he really wanted to have normal sex which I obviously prefer.

Most guys prefer anal I think because it’s tighter. But I was stupid and we did anal. And then I felt like I really wanted to puke because I had cum inside of my ass and it made me really queezy. He told me that this was abnormal but that I should just sleep over but I told him that I wanted to go back to my couchsurfing host’s flat. So at 5AM, I left the guy’s place. I had absolutely no idea where I was.

I began walking, hoping to come across a metro.

“Hey baby, come with us.” I heard voices yelling from a car.

“I’m really lost. Will you help me get back to where I’m staying?” I asked. They agreed and so, although I didn’t trust them, I got into the car. I was pretty sure that they had no plans to take me home but I was lost and freezing and figured that they would at least be passing by a metro station at some point. I repeatedly told them my address, asked them to go there, then asked if they were going there. It turned out that the guys were Romanian. I was scared. Eventually the admitted that they were taking me to their place and so when we passed a metro station that I recognized, I opened the door and jumped out of the car. From there it was easy to get back. I got in the bed with Jay and fell asleep.

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