Jay the Entrepeneur

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That night, I went on Facebook. Jay, who I’d never met, but whose place I’d stayed in while I was in Munich, had written me a message.

“Dear Sabrina, I hope this message gets you well. You stayed at my place the past days & I hope you enjoyed it. I got startled as the police showed up yesterday and told my airbnb guests it s not a safe place & they should leave. Well, I refunded their booking & I approached Mac with the wish he should appollogize for his communication / action. He can be sometimes a bit offside & it took me 3 years learning to deal with it – but he is a goid guy. So if you want to stay there again, you may. It s empty now. yoz can have the big room. In exchange I d like you to prepare the room for the future guest on the 14th. Abd receive her kindly. You may also get accomodation in Berlin or Cooenhagen later on.”

Jay offered to take me out so I agreed to meet up with him. I couldn’t find our meeting spot so I stopped in a sushi place and asked a man if I could borrow his phone to contact Jay and get directions. Jay told me that I was at his favorite sushi spot and that he’d meet me there.

He ordered us a lot of sushi. I love sushi so I was happy, although I was nervous that I was going to have to pay. He also ordered lots of sake.

From all of Jay’s stories about Crazy Mac, it sounds like he generally means well and is just a bit strange and had made a mistake. I chose to believe Jay. I ended up becoming pretty drunk from the sake. Jay offered to show me his apartment which was super nice! It was much larger and more nicely decorated than his apartment in Munich. Jay showed me his gemstones that he’d recently began collecting in Thailand. It was his newest business scheme. That is the last thing that I remember that night. I woke up the next morning in Jay’s bed.

Jay told me that I’d fallen asleep as he was eating me out that night. For some reason, Jay really wanted me to stay at his apartment while I was in Berlin. I told him maybe.

When I returned to Henry’s he told me that I’d been there longer than he’d expected which was fine but he’d told a Spanish girl that he’d host her tonight (Monday night.) He was hoping to hook up with this girl. It wasn’t exactly like our hooking up was going so well and I wished him all the best in that department so I told him that it was fine because Jay had actually invited me to stay at his place. I told him that I would move my stuff to Jay’s later though if that was okay. Henry thanked me and asked if I could move it by 8PM because the girl was coming at 9 and I agreed.

That day I went to go look at the abandoned theme park and then did a bit of shopping in the hipster area of town. The shopping in Berlin was the best! I wished that I’d had money to actually purchase things.

I moved my belongings to Jay’s place. When I arrived there, he was cooking dinner. He was making hummus, another one of my favorite foods. Jay had great taste in food! He offered me hummus and we sat and ate in his kitchen together.

Jay told me that he didn’t understand how Americans always said that they were starving. Hungry, yes. But starving? He said that Mac always said that he was starving. Jay didn’t understand how Mac ate so much. Jay told me that he was careful about what he ate and that he had been happy because he’d recently lost weight. I told him that, at least in America, most guys wanted to bulk up, not be skinnier. He said that he wanted to be skinny. And to be healthy.

Jay told me that tomorrow he was renting the room next door out to a woman named Mariko on Air Bnb. Apparently was in her fifties and had been asking if his neighborhood in Berlin was save. He figured that she wouldn’t be too much fun.

As it turned out, Mariko was probably the coolest fifty year old out there. And she didn’t look fifty! Jay and I agreed that she looked about 35. She was Phillipino was was moving to New York to open a high end pizza stand in the plaza. We all sat in Jay’s room for a while and got to know the woman. She told us that she’d recently been to India and almost climbed a huge mountain in the freezing cold. Apparently some of the younger people in her group couldn’t handle the cold and had to be taken to the hospital and as a result, she wasn’t able to climb it.

Then we went out for sushi. Jay described the restaurant as sober, meaning that it was boring. But he liked it because it wasn’t expensive and the sushi was decent. He paid for me and Mariko.

Jay told me that he would be leaving for Copenhagen in a couple of days and that I was welcome to stay at his place. Apparently Mac would be coming in a couple of days and, if I wanted, Jay would pay for my trip to Copenhagen if I helped Mac move Christiania bikes there. I didn’t know what Christiania bikes were and I was still sort of scared of Mac but I agreed. A free trip was a free trip. And Crazy Mac wasn’t so bad in the end.

Jay didn’t want to go out that night but I’d had it with staying in so I decided to take a walk.

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