The Scaffolding Guy

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That evening Mac and I went to a tech meetup. Neither of us knew what we were talking about but we wanted free food and drinks. As it turns out, they were serving non-alcoholic beverages and pizza. I don’t like cheese and therefore, I don’t like pizza. I sort of have a fear of it. So it was pretty much just an awkward meeting for me.

After, we went to a Couchsurfing meetup. We were talking to this hot guy who seemed to be the only cool guy at the meeting. He told us that Berlin was much better than Munich because everyone broke the rules there. In Munich, if a person J walked, all observers would be horrified. He was living in Berlin before he was forced to Munich for work. Before that, he was living in Barcelona.

The 3 of us decided that the meeting wasn’t cool so we ventured to a bar. Right outside of the bar, there was scaffolding and I decided to climb it. I guess that I was trying to show that I wasn’t about the rules but it was pretty standard for me to climb things drunk. Our new friend decided to join me. Pretty soon we were dry humping on scaffolding. Mac went looking for us and was somehow able to spot us a level above the bar. Maybe we were loud. He thought that dry humping on the scaffoldinng looked like fun and asked if he could join in. Vomit! I told him no.

We left the bar and walked out on the street. I was going to go back to our new friend’s place and Mac asked if he could come and join in. Again, I told him no. He demanded to come. Our new friend said that he wasn’t invited. He pounced on our friend and started beating him right on the street! It was a fairly close fight but Mac was winning. I didn’t know that he had it in him. He was skinny with a beer belly- it didn’t look like he had a single muscle on his body. I was terrified and screamed at him to stop. When this failed, I stepped right in the middle of the two men. Mac shoved me to the ground, ripping my sweater under the arm. I fell to the ground, landing on my elbow. My only sweater ripped open as my elbow scraped against the ground. Tears, snot, and mascara dripped down my face and blood trickled down my arm. I still have a scar on my elbow from this incident.

I told Mac that I wouldn’t go home with him that night. He threatened to keep all of my belongings. I told his that was fine. A nice couple who had watched the fight invited me to stay at their place because there roommate was away on vacation. I agreed to sleep in the roommate’s room that night.

I woke up the next morning and messaged Crazy Mac in the nicest way possible, hoping to get my stuff back.

Hi! I wanted to apologize for last night. I hope that we can let the whole thing go. In the future I’ll try and find someone for you too so that I don’t leave you out. Can we meet up so I can get my stuff and go to Berlin? Thanks so much.

I ended up spending that day hanging out with hot, German police officers attempting to get my belongings back. Mac had fled Munich and had taken my big, red bag with him. This was his Facebook to me:

If u want anything from me u will call. i will not do anything through email or at the flat. there is nothing of yours at the flat and i am not there either. youre not welcome at the flat any more, and if you do ever come there again, i will do absolutely nothing for you ever at all. i will not repeat this.

After some negotiation, I persuaded the police officers to come and check the apartment for Mac and my bag, just in case he was lying and wasn’t really out of town. He wasn’t. When I police man knocked on the door, a girl’s voice responded. What was going on? Was this really Jay’s apartment? If it was, did Jay know that Mac was even ever living there or did he think that Mac was just using the place as an office?

As it turned out, Jay and Mac had decided to rent out the place on air B&B to 2 Canadian girls. These girls were frightened by the officers and had no idea what was going on. But eventually they let the officers inside.

The girls said that a man had just been in the apartment about an hour ago to gather some laundry that he said that he’d forgotten. He came in with a big red bag.I had just done a load of laundry before going out that night. He must have taken my load with him.

I asked the girls to describe the man and when the description fit that of Mac’s, I told them that this man was crazy, told them my story, and suggested that they stay somewhere safer. The girls seemed very frightened and agreed to leave.

I searched the apartment for any traces of my belongings and successfully located one of my shirts. Although I’d hoped for more than one shirt, I’d received this silk shirt from Anthropologie from my step mother for my birthday and loved it so I was glad to see it.

The police officers suggested that I go back to the station with them to file a report. I’d pretty much given up hope but agreed to do it anyway.

As soon as I’d finished up my report, the 2 canadian girls showed up at the station and asked me if I needed anything. We exchanged contact information. They also told me to check my facebook because Crazy Mac was trying to contact me. I borrowed a phone from an officer. Here was the message:

You can go to Jeagers hostel next to wombats and ask for emma she is a bartender there. I gave her everything i could find thats possibly yours.”So I went to Jaeger’s hostel to pickup my bag. I decided to stay there for a night because I was a bit too scared to try couchsurfing again. Before the incident, I was planning on going to Berlin on that day, but I didn’t have time after dealing with the police. So I dropped my belongings in the hostel room and went out on my own.

That night, I met a couple of guys who just won some sort of music competition and were going out to celebrate with their friends. They invited me to join. They were all sitting at a large, square table in the bar. They kept ordering drinks and offering them to me and so I ended up getting pretty drunk. One pretty dorky guy invited me back to his place and I accepted. I fell asleep immediately after getting into bed. The next morning we woke up and started making out. Then he told me that he didn’t want to have sex because he and his girlfriend had just broken up and he was still getting over her. So I left the apartment, went to the hostel, showered, and got on the next affordable bus to Berlin.



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